K&F Concept Soft GND8 Filter (3 Stops) Lens Filter Soft Graduated Neutral Density Filter Nano-X

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  •  【Balancing Light】The soft GND8 filter main function is balancing the light between the ground and sky, avoiding over-exposure.
  • * 【Imported AGC Glass】Made by top classic importing optical glass, showing the image's real color. Provide 3 stops light reduction and lowered the reflectivity to 1.25% (other brands same filter is 2%)
  • * 【28 Multi-Layer Coatings】Both sides of the glass with nanometer coatings are waterproof and scratch-resistant, easy for cleaning, and no worries about scratches.
  • * 【High-Technology Coated】With high-technology gradual coating, the color is stable enough, and accurate light reduction stops, showing a perfect image.
  • * 【CNC-Non Slip Frame】The frame is made of aviation aluminum with a CNC-non slip frame which helps remove and install the filter more easily, and the 3.3mm ultra-slim frame utmost avoids vignetting.