Backdrop Installation

Backdrop Installation Service

Backdrop Installation Service

Are you looking to set up your studio but not sure how?

We have trained professionals that will recee your location, understand your needs and suggest different methods to set up your studio.

We specialise in drilling, mounting and installing the backdrops. In addition, our work is precise, safe and secure.

Not only do we do the manual work, we offer a wide variety of Paper backdrops available below,

Backdrop Color Swatch

Available Dimensions of the paper roll,

1) 2.72m x 10m(roll)

2) 1.35m x 5m(roll)

With our backdrops, you will be able to truly elevate your content creation process. Cut down on time spent setting up and take full advantage of your creative space with our professional installation service.

See what our process is like,

Don't let setup time get in the way of achieving the perfect shot - Contact us for a consultation today!

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