Godox Spotlight Mount Set with 26° degree Lens VSA-26K Aputure Spotlight Mount

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Ideal for dramatic, theatrical work as well as fashion, the VSA-26° Spot Lens from Godox will not fit only Godox lights but also those of the many manufacturers that use the popular Bowen's mount.

The 20.3 x 9.5 x 7.7" fixture has a lens that narrows the light's wide beam angle. Like most theatrical snoots of well-equipped ellipsoidal, the VSA-26° allows you to make sharp cuts with the included gobos and gobo holder. The light also has a filter holder in front of the lens.


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Package Includes

Godox VSA-26° Spot Lens

3 x Gobos

Spot Light Mount

Gobo Holder

Gel Frame

Portable Bag