Rode Wireless GO II vs Rode Wireless ME: which one should you choose?

Rode Wireless GO II vs Rode Wireless ME: which one should you choose?



When it comes to wireless microphone systems, Rode is a well-known and trusted brand. They offer a range of high-quality options, including the Rode Wireless GO II and Rode Wireless ME. Both systems provide reliable wireless audio solutions, but they have distinct features that cater to different needs. In this article, we will compare the Rode Wireless GO II and Rode Wireless ME to help you make an informed decision about which one is the right choice for you.

Overview of Rode Wireless GO II

The Rode Wireless GO II is the successor to the popular Rode Wireless GO system. It is a compact and lightweight wireless microphone system designed for content creators, videographers, and vloggers. The GO II features two transmitters, allowing you to simultaneously record audio from two sources. This makes it ideal for interviews, presentations, and other scenarios where multiple speakers or sound sources are involved.

Key Features of Rode Wireless GO II

The Rode Wireless GO II offers several impressive features:

Dual-Channel Recording: The ability to record audio from two sources simultaneously gives you flexibility in capturing different perspectives or conducting interviews.

Wireless Range: The GO II provides a reliable wireless range of up to 200 meters in optimal conditions, allowing you to freely move around without worrying about audio dropouts.

Quick Setup: With its plug-and-play functionality, the GO II is incredibly easy to set up. Simply power on the transmitters and receiver, and they will automatically connect.

Built-in Microphones: Each transmitter of the GO II has a built-in microphone, making it convenient for recording audio without the need for external microphones.

Rechargeable Battery: The GO II utilizes USB-C rechargeable batteries, providing up to 7 hours of operation on a single charge. This ensures that you won't run out of power during your recording sessions.

Pros and Cons of Rode Wireless GO II

Like any product, the Rode Wireless GO II has its strengths and weaknesses. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Versatile dual-channel recording capability
  • Excellent wireless range
  • Simple and quick setup process
  • Built-in microphones offer convenience
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery


  • The built-in microphones may not provide the same audio quality as dedicated external microphones
  • Limited control over audio settings and adjustments

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Overview of Rode Wireless ME

The Rode Wireless ME is another wireless microphone system offered by Rode. It is designed for professional audio applications and provides a higher level of control and customization compared to the Wireless GO II. The ME system is suitable for filmmakers, broadcasters, and musicians who require advanced features and precise audio control.

Key Features of Rode Wireless ME

The Rode Wireless ME boasts several notable features:

High-Quality Sound: The ME system offers exceptional audio quality with its broadcast-grade condenser microphones and professional-grade wireless transmission.

Advanced Settings: Unlike the GO II, the ME system provides advanced audio settings such as Intelligent GainAssist which automatically controls audio levels for perfectly clear sound in any application - (like when you’re shouting, the audio won’t clip and will automatically adjust your audio levels), a high-pass filters, and adjustable output levels. This allows for greater customization and fine-tuning of the audio.

Multiple Channel Options: The ME system supports up to 8 channels, making it suitable for multi-microphone setups or complex audio setups where interference needs to be minimized.

OLED Display: The ME system features an OLED display on the receiver unit, providing real-time information about battery levels, audio levels, and channel settings.

Secure Connection: With its encrypted signal transmission, the ME system ensures secure and interference-free audio capture.

Pros and Cons of Rode Wireless ME

Let's explore the pros and cons of the Rode Wireless ME:


  • Excellent audio quality with professional-grade components
  • Advanced audio settings for precise control
  • Support for multiple channels
  • Informative OLED display
  • Secure and interference-free connection


  • Higher price point compared to the Wireless GO II
  • More complex setup and operation
  • External microphones are required, adding to the overall equipment size

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Comparison of Rode Wireless GO II and Rode Wireless ME

Now, let's compare the Rode Wireless GO II and Rode Wireless ME across different aspects to help you decide which one suits your requirements better.

Audio Quality

Both systems offer high-quality audio, but the ME system, with its broadcast-grade condenser microphones, provides a slight edge in terms of capturing professional-level sound. If audio quality is your top priority, the ME system might be the better choice.

Range and Connectivity

The Wireless GO II and Wireless ME both offer reliable wireless connectivity. However, the GO II has a longer wireless range of up to 200 meters, while the ME system supports up to 100 meters. Consider your typical recording scenarios and the need for extended range before making a decision.

Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, the Wireless GO II has a clear advantage. Its plug-and-play functionality and built-in microphones make it incredibly user-friendly, requiring minimal setup and no external microphones. The ME system, on the other hand, offers more advanced features and requires additional setup and external microphones.

Battery Life

Both systems provide decent battery life. The Wireless GO II offers up to 7 hours of operation on a single charge, while the Wireless ME system provides approximately 4-6 hours. If you have longer recording sessions, the GO II might be a more suitable option.

Price and Value for Money

The Wireless GO II is generally more affordable than the Wireless ME, making it a better choice for those on a tighter budget. However, the ME system's advanced features and audio control justify the higher price for professionals who require precise audio customization.


Specs Comparison

Wireless GO II

Wireless ME




Internal Recording in Transmitter



Built-in Mic in Receiver



Maximum number of mics



User Reviews

It's always helpful to consider the experiences and opinions of other users. Here are some user reviews of the Rode Wireless GO II and Rode Wireless ME:

"The Wireless GO II is perfect for my vlogging needs. It's compact, easy to use, and delivers excellent audio quality." - Sarah, Content Creator.

"The Wireless ME system is a game-changer for my filmmaking projects. The audio control and customization options are fantastic, and the sound quality is outstanding." - Mark, Filmmaker.


In conclusion, choosing between the Rode Wireless GO II and Rode Wireless ME depends on your specific requirements and priorities. If you prioritize portability, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, the Wireless GO II is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you need advanced audio control, professional-grade sound quality, and are willing to invest in external microphones, the Wireless ME system offers more customization options.

Consider your intended usage, budget, and desired level of audio control before making a decision. Ultimately, both systems are reliable and trusted choices from Rode, ensuring high-quality wireless audio for your recordings.


Q: Can I use the Rode Wireless GO II with my DSLR camera?

A: Yes, the Wireless GO II is compatible with DSLR cameras and a wide range of devices that support a 3.5mm microphone input.

Q: Can I connect multiple Wireless GO II systems for recording from more than two sources?

A: Yes, you can pair multiple sets of Wireless GO II systems and record audio from multiple sources simultaneously.

Q: Does the Rode Wireless ME come with external microphones?

A: No, the Wireless ME system does not include microphones. It requires external microphones, such as lavalier microphones or handheld microphones, to capture audio.

Q: Can I monitor the audio levels on the Rode Wireless ME system?

A: Yes, the ME system provides headphone monitoring through the receiver unit, allowing you to monitor the audio levels in real-time.

Q: Is the Rode Wireless ME system suitable for live performances or musical events?

A: Yes, the ME system's professional-grade sound quality and advanced settings make it a suitable choice for live performances and musical events where precise audio control is essential.


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