VSGO DKL-20 Complete Cleaning Kit DSLR Camera Sensor, Lens & Screen

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TheVSGO DSLR Camera Sensor, Lens & Screen Cleaning Kit, DKL-20 is a complete set of cleaning tools that allows the user to clean everything, lens, screen and sensor!

  • VSGO APS-C sensor swab is safe to clean both CCD and CMOS sensors. Every sensor cleaning swab is made in a 100% dust-free environment and sealed in a vacuum package
  • The lens pen contiains a multi-laminated nanoscaleccarbon Powder that effectively absorbs oil stain, fingerprint and dirt on Lens.
  • The super fine and soft anti-static Brush helps get rid of dust and dirt.
  • Ultra fine microfiber cleaning cloth is anti-static.
  • Each cloth is laser cut. No fiber drop and lint-free during cleaning process.
  • The portable Air blower fits in the palm of your hand and is easy to squeeze. Concentrated Air stream is strong enough to remove dust and dirt off the sensor.
  • The Lint-free wet Wipes are made of 100% wood pulp and is safe for delicate optical surface. Every wet wipe is pre-moistened and individually packed.

TheVSGO DSLR Camera Sensor, Lens & Screen Cleaning Kit, DKL-20 will be your best friend when it comes to cleaning all your camera equipments.