VSGO Black Snipe 6L commuting camera backpack

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About this item

  • 6L Capacity Holds up to 1 camera 3 lens + power bank Also can store DJI MAVIC 3+ controller+flight battery etc. The storage part can be opened not only on the top lid, but also the front can be opened so you can easily take out your equipment and small items even while carrying it on the shoulder
  • This high-quality bag is made with attention to detail, including German magnet buckles, UTX buckles from Duraflex and Japanese buckles and waterproof zippers
  • The top lid is made of TPU material and the body of the bag is waterproof, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and durable. The inside of the cushion is made of flannel fabric which provides excellent cushioning and gentle protection for your equipment
  • In addition to the location of your camera equipment, there are many pockets on the inside to hold a tablet or battery. The surface of the bag also includes a pocket for storing your smartphone, and a strap that can be used to secure your tripod
  • The VSGO Black Snipe series is one tone bag wrapped in black with a different texture. It has a simple yet cool modern look and a luxurious feel