K&F Concept Soft GND16 Filter (4 Stops) Lens Filter Soft Graduated Neutral Density FilterNano-X

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* 1 When shooting outdoors, the light difference between the sky and the ground is often very different. Due to the limited latitude of the camera's photosensitive component, in this case, it is impossible to take pictures with normal exposure of the sky and the ground at the same time. For the sky to be accurately exposed, the ground will be underexposed and become pitch black; for the ground to be accurately exposed, the sky will be underexposed and become blank. Soft gradient is half-transparent and half-gradient gray, so as to achieve partial area dimming and balance the light ratio, and avoid overexposure of highlights. It is one of the commonly used filters in landscape photography. (Product features: suitable for high contrast between the sky and the ground. If the ground exposure is normal, the sky will be severely overburdened. The soft gradient lens can effectively balance the light ratio and contrast)

* 2. The material of the filter is top Japanese optical glass, and the quality is guaranteed, which is the standard for high-quality products. Soft gradient GND16 circular filter, dimming 4 levels (1.2), transmittance is 6.25%, reflectivity is 1.5%, the anti-reflection rate of the same level in the industry is only 2%, and the plastic resin is as high as 4.5%.

* 3. On the raw material of the optical glass, precision grinding and double-sided polishing ensure the stability of the molecular structure, and will not affect the sharpness on the telephoto lens, ensuring high-definition imaging. The surface of the mirror frame is designed with CNC trapezoidal patterns to ensure that consumers increase friction in a large area when rotating, and install/remove lenses and other accessories anytime and anywhere;

* 4. After the glass is optically polished, a high-tech film is plated on the surface. "Moldproof", "Waterproof", "Anti-scratch" and "Anti-greasy". While having the characteristics of hard scratching, it will not have any impact on the image quality, and it can be easily removed even if it is contaminated with water droplets or oil stains.

* 5. High-tech gradual coating technology, uniform and stable color, accurate gears, ensuring no deviation in dimming, and perfect image quality. The frame is made of aviation-grade aluminum, and the thickness of the frame is only 5.3mm. The design of the thin frame ensures that consumers and the wide-angle end and the telephoto end will not have vignetting.