Godox RFT-19 Standard Reflector Bowen Mount

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Key Features:

   30° Beam Spread, Bowens Mount

   For Vl150, Vl200, Vl300 & Sl150Ii LEDs

   For Sl200Ii, Fv150, Fv200 LEDs

   Faceted Polished Silver


The 7" RFT-19 Reflector from Godox is a modifier with a 30° beam spread and a faceted, polished silver interior to maximize output. The reflector has a Bowens mount that not only fits Godox LED heads (see compatibility) but also products from the many manufacturers that use this popular mount.


Item Type   7" Standard/General Purpose Reflector

Interior Color   Silver

Light Compatibility   Direct Attachment (Requires No Bracket/Speed Ring) with Bowens S Mount

Beam Angle   30°

Materials   Metal

Dimensions   ø: 7.09" / ø: 18 cm