Nitecore UCN5 Dual-Slot USB-C QC Charger for Canon LP-E17 Battery

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  • DUAL SLOT CHARGER - Simultaneously charge 2 batteries, Compatible with Canon LP-E17 Battery in RP, 800D, 760D, 750D, 200D, 200D II, 77D, M6, M6 mk ii, M5, M3.
  • USB-C QUICK CHARGE - Maximum 750mA charging current in one slot when using a QC power adapter. The UCN5 automatically applies the correct charging current and prevents damage from improperly inserted batteries.
  • BRIGHT LCD DISPLAY - View real time information about the battery level, battery voltage, charging current, battery health and more.
  • COMPACT SIZE - The UCN5 is compatible with multiple USB sources, including solar panels and adapters. The lightweight body and detachable USB cable make it the ideal charger for travel and daily use.