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    Nikon D810 re-writes the standard for Full Frame DSLR

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    The Nikon D810 was launched in Singapore on the (15th July 2014) at Altimate Singapore. Boosting the same classic high resolution 36.3megapixels as the D800/D800E, the D810 re-invents with full HD 1080 60p recording with incredible results.

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    The opening speech of the anticipated launch of Nikon D810 by representative from Nikon Japan.

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    Brief introduction By Luke Tan on the new D810.

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    Red Dot Photo trying out the new D810

    We managed to get our hands on the D810 and shot some still photos. Using default settings, shot on Raw, the impressive high resolution 36.3megapixels clearly shows good dynamic range with good skin tone graduation and definition. The extra treatment of the EXPEED 4 system reduces any chance of Moire from the removed Anti-Aliasing filter, of which first seen with the Nikon D800E.
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    1/250, F11, ISO 100, 58mm (24-70mm F2.8), 100% crop on the right side (Click to enlarge)

    Its ISO capabilities was also put to a test. We switch off the strobes and boost up its ISO.
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    1/125, F5.6, ISO 12,800, 62mm (24-70mm F2.8)

    The Nikon D800/D800E set a bar in full-frame DSLRs way back in February 2012, whilst the little brother Nikon D600 was promptly launched as the smallest and lightest DLSR of it's time in september 2012. The Nikon D810 is a long awaited upgrade especially in the video department, with competition heading up with Canon 5D3s, 6Ds and Sony A7S.

    The Nikon D810 packs in EXPEED4, 36.3 megapixel sensor and an ISO range of 64-12800. On top of that, D810 is now able to record at 1080p movies at 60fps. (D800's ISO range of 100-6400, 1080p at 30fps). At ISO 64, D810 is now able to achieve superior clarity and image quality with rich tone of colours.
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    The new Exspeed 4 image processing engine.

    The Nikon D810 uses the EXPEED 4 image-processing engine (D800 uses EXPEED 3). EXPEED 4, which is also used in D4s, provides a number of enhancements that boost image quality over its predecessor. Enhancements include:

    • Improved noise reduction performance at high sensitivities
    • Clarity in gradation rendering - thanks to a new “Clarity” option in Picture Control 2.0
    • Higher accuracy of automatic white balance
    • Increased number of continuous shot from D800’s 4ps to 7fps. (@ 7fps, the battery grip is required)

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    High Definition Video Recording

    The Nikon D810 features support for recording of 1080/60p Full HD videos. Optimized data processing designed to make use of the 36.3 effective megapixels provides rich, detailed video. A key new feature in the Nikon D810 is the Auto ISO, which ensures smooth exposure alteration even during large exposure changes.

    D810 new feature, dual-format recording, supports 2 recording format which are full-frame and cropped-format. The full-frame format provides outstanding results for movies filmed with a shallow depth of field, while the cropped-format recording offers an angle with a closer reach to the subject. These two angles of view can be achieved with a single lens, which enhances production efficiency.

    The new and improved built-in stereo microphone which is included effectively minimises wind noise. Frequency response can be set between a wide range for atmospheric sounds or voice to highlight dialogue.
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    Improved Autofocus (AF) system and Shutter Mechanism

    An improved, 51-point autofocus (AF) system provides the highest accuracy in the history of Nikon DSLRs with extremely quick and accurate focus acquisition. Although it has the same number of AF points with D800, D810 now introduces the new “group-area AF” mode, which helps avoid unintentional background focusing when shooting moving subjects. This new features also ensures faster lock-on and better reliability with shooting small subjects against large backgrounds.

    The shutter speed range hasn’t changed, but the D810 has a new shutter box assembly that supports faster frame rate (FX 5fps and DX 7fps) and reduces viewfinder black-out in continuous shooting mode. D810 also includes a new electronic front shutter for reducing vibration when shooting in mirror up mode.
    The D810 includes an electronic front-curtain shutter, which effectively reduces internal mechanical vibration. When the electronic front-curtain shutter is enabled instead of the mechanical shutter during mirror- up, the camera’s image sensor acts as a front curtain of the focal-plane shutter and this provides stability and minimal blur – particularly when shooting long exposures at night.

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    New Picture Control 2.0 System

    The Nikon D810 has a new Picture Control 2.0 system, which adds a ‘Flat’ mode to maximum dynamic range and a ’Clarity’ control for increased definition.

    The ‘Flat’ settings prevent loss of detail in highlights and shadows, as well as over-saturation of colours, enabling adjustment of image quality and post -processing for richer tone characteristics. On the other hand, ‘Clarity’ option has been added to adjustment settings. This allows users to have the option of making the image sharper or softer without over emphasising outlines and edges in images.


    On top the usual Matrix, Centre-weighted, Spot metering which are available in most Nikon Cameras, D810 also introduces the new Highlight-weighted Spot, which enable the shooter to achieve stable, accurate metering under both changing light conditions or fixed lighting as on a stage or studio. The highlight mode detects the brightest areas of the scene and automatically determines an appropriate exposure.

    It's also possible to automatically adjust ISO sensitivity to ensure appropriate exposure while shutter speed and aperture are fixed. A new Highlight Display feature automatically identifies and indicates areas that are likely to appear blown-out, prompting the videographer to adjust settings to achieve a better exposure.

    The Nikon D810 will be available in Singapore on the week of 21st July 2014 and the street price is likely to be in the range of SGD$34xx. Do contact your Nikon dealer for more details.
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