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  • Fujifilm X20 Hands-on Review

    Fujifilm X20 Hands-on Review

    The recently launched Fujifilm X20 followed in the footsteps of the highly acclaimed X10. The Fujifilm X20 inherits its high-precision lens and refined design, while featuring substantially improved performance. With an X-Trans CMOS II sensor, EXR Processor II and newly-developed Advanced Optical Viewfinder, the X20 is packed full of Fujifilm's latest technology. The X20 is available in both black and two-tone black and silver.

    Fujifilm X20 Hands-on Review

    Most of the controls at the back of the Fujifilm X20 are easily accessible. With a 3" 460k dot LCD screen, pictures taken can be viewed clearly. The camera sits nicely in one hand with a thumb rest at the top right.

    Fujifilm X20 Hands-on Review

    Settings can be accessed easily with a press of a button. Exposure compensation can be changed with the exposure dial at the top. The Fn button at the top allow users to customize their own settings like ISO, AF Mode and Raw format. The Q button, which is new on the X20, at the bottom right allows quick access to settings such as White Balance, Image Size and Quality.

    Fujifilm X20 Hands-on ReviewFujifilm X20 Hands-on Review

    The X20's viewfinder has an information overlay, called the Digital Trans Panel, that displays the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focusing area and other shooting information clearly, even in low-light conditions. The information overlay will change colour depending on the lighting conditions. It is normally displayed in black in good light, but switches to green in low light. The AF frame lights up green when focus is confirmed, and red when the camera is not able to focus.

    Fujifilm X20 Hands-on Review

    On the display screen, shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation value and ISO can be seen clearly at the bottom of the screen. Animated virtual dials appear on the display when you change a setting, for example when zooming or changing the exposure compensation.

    Fujifilm X20 Hands-on Review

    One of its main features is Film Simulation. It enable users to shoot in Velvia, which is a day-light balanced colour reversal film produced by Fujifilm for film cameras. It has very saturated colours under daylight, high contrast and exceptional sharpness. One of its most common uses is for landscape photography as it renders the sky a nice shade of blue. The X20 enable users to recreate such shots on a digital camera.

    Fujifilm X20 Hands-on Review

    Flare is very well controlled. Shots were taken directly with the sun in the frame in late morning.

    Overall the Fujifilm X20 is compact, yet will many new interesting features. With its Advanced Optical Viewfinder, together with the Digital Trans Panel, the X20 will appeal to the more “traditionalist” photographers who are used to looking through a optical viewfinder and operating a manual zoom ring. With its retro design, it will surely attract many photography enthusiast who are interested in photography.

    Sample photos
    Fujifilm X20 Hands-on Review
    Shot in macro mode ISO 400 F/2.2 1/200sec, one can go super close with the ~1cm close up Macro mode.

    Fujifilm X20 Hands-on Review
    Shot in macro mode ISO 640 F/2.5 1/350sec

    Fujifilm X20 Hands-on Review
    Shot in macro mode ISO400 F/4.5 1/40sec. Check out the super fine details made possible with the Fujinon lens + EXMOR sensor!

    Fujifilm X20 Hands-on Review
    ISO 200 F/5.6 1/450sec

    Fujifilm X20 Hands-on Review
    Film Simulation:
    Clockwise from top left: Standard, Monochrome+R filter, Monochrome+Ye filter, Black and White

    Fujifilm X20 Hands-on Review
    ISO400 F/4.5 1/160sec

    Fujifilm X20 Hands-on Review
    Film simulation: Velvia
    ISO 200 F/6.4 1/2000sec

    Fujifilm X20 Hands-on Review
    ISO 1600 F/2.0 1/160. Fuji fun colour-isolation modes!
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    1. manu's Avatar
      this is the additional review and prices for the fujifim X20.

      happy reading guys!!!

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