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  • Konova K5 C3 professional slider for videography

    Konova logo
    The brand new K5 slider from popular Korean brand Konova will be launched in Singapore very soon. Riding on the popularity of earlier K3, C3 sliders, Konova has positioned themselves as a market leader in quality sliders on a budget. The K5 comes with larger rollers and roller bearings than the earlier K3 models while keeping it's new 'spider' legs intact! The 80cm version will be available at Red Dot Photo store very soon.

    Konova k5 slider
    The 'spider' legs from the K5, easy handling any uneven surface which you might put your slider on as compared to other slider brands such as Glide Track

    Konova k5 slider roller bearing compared with k3
    A comparison between the K5 and k3 bearings. Professionals have called for a tougher and durable slider and K5 is the answer from Konova!

    Konova k5 slider
    Accessories your sliders with 3/8" mounts placed at several locations on the slider with various other options.

    Konova k5 slider
    The K5 comes in various sizes though the most popular and portable on is the 80cm version!

    Konova k5 slider
    The Konova K5 slider is a perfect companion to any DSLR video!

    Konova k5 slider side view
    Another major improvement in the hardware, a sturdier support and roller system to the slider.

    Konova k5 slider maximum weight loading
    How heavy can the slider hold? A 17.5 kg load show here! Which is more than most HDSLRs + all your rigs.
    Konova k5 slider vertical
    Sliders aren't limited to the horizontal, think diagonal and vertical too!

    Konova k5 slider
    In-slider oiling /cleaning mechanism to ensure your slider is as smooth as new!

    Konova k5 slider full accessories
    The entire setup in a padding carrying bag!

    Example of a Konova slider here shown by Olivia Tech
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Konova K5 C3 professional slider for videography started by Red Dot Photo View original post
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. i_z_g's Avatar
      Hi, Bought this Slider about a month + ago. Here's my opinion.
      Slider is pretty smooth considering its price. Konova just released the motorized and Crank handle for the model. Can't do a comparison cause this is the first slider i bought. Material wise, This slider is a little on the heavy side however it's Solidly built and probably can be used as a weapon. Haha,No seriously. Slider comes with a padded bag quality wise it's great. All parts are made in Korea including bag and pouches. Slider legs seem fragile but can handle weight. Legs are simple to screw on as well. Slider friction can be adjusted with the allen keys provided. Overall, Possibilities are endless. Here's my first go at the Slider.

    1. Zeus's Avatar
      Very good attempt! I've embedded the YOutube video directly into the thread, you can click on the video logo and paste the link in, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooClf7MUvec.

      Or us tags and that'll work too!

      Hope to see more of your works soon!
    1. i_z_g's Avatar

      Here's another one, my second attempt. Thanks

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