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  • Phottix Portable Lights - The PPL Series!!

    The use of hot shoe flashes has gotten super-popular thanks to David Hobby, Joe McNally and Zack Arias. As great as flashes are there are times when you need a little more power. AC studio lights need mains power � a possible drawback if you�re on location.

    Phottix introduces the PPL-200 and PPL-400 Portable Studio Strobes. These 200W and 400W strobes, complete with rechargeable power packs, let you take bigger lights �on the road.�

    Phottix PPL-400

    The Phottix PPL-400 Studio Strobe is compact and powerful. All digital with IGBT technology, the PPL-400 offers 400W of power adjustable over 7 stops - from full to 1/64 power. With recharge times of 1-3 seconds, a ready tone, continuous and FP modes, optical slave and a modeling lamp, this strobe is big power in a small package. An included umbrella holder and handle make this strobe adaptable � use it on a light stand or have an assistant hand hold it.

    Weighing in at 900 g the PPL-400 fits nicely into its padded carrying bag. The mounting is Comet in nature and Bowens to Coment mount is readily available which makes this strobe compatible with many soft boxes and light modifiers.

    The included high-capacity 7.2A power pack can fire a blistering 650 full-power flashes. The power pack can also be attached to compatible Nikon or Canon flashes, providing extended use and fast recharge times.

    Phottix PPL-200

    The Phottix PPL-200 is a compact strobe with big light. Don�t let its size fool you: Imagine 200W of power from a strobe weighing a mere 850 g...

    Adjustable power over seven stops in 1/3-stop increments, from full power to 1/64, with recharge times of 1 to 2.5 seconds. Stroboscopic mode, creative mode, slow sync mode, and an optical slave - the strobe has a multitude of uses.

    The PPL-200 can be attached to the included camera bracket or hand held using the attached handle. The detachable reflector and diffuser allow you to customize your light � hard or soft.

    The high-performance Ni-H power pack can fire the PPL-200 800 time on full power or 15000 times on 1/64 power. This power pack can also be attached to Canon or Nikon flashes for extended use and fast recharge times.

    Phottix PPL-200 Power Pack

    The PPL-200 Power Pack is available separately. With available Nikon or Canon cables this power supply can be used to charge two compatible flashes at the same time. Worrying about AA batteries is a thing of the past.

    The Ni-H power pack can fire a Nikon SB-900 approximately 1500 times at full power with recharge times of 1.5 seconds. Two SB-900s can be fired 750 times before you ever have to consider your battery power.

    Three flash cables will be available for the Phottix PPL-200 Power Pack:
    1. Nikon SB-900 Compatible;
    2. Nikon SB800 SB800DX SB280DX SB28 SB27 SB26 SB25SB20 SB11 SB22 Compatible;
    3. Canon 580EX II、580 EX, 550 EX Compatible.
    Contact Red Dot Photo for further information on these great new portable strobes!
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Phottix Portable Lights - The PPL Series!! started by Poseidon View original post
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    1. pacifact's Avatar
      hey, hows PPL-200 power pack compared to 2x2?

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